We all start somewhere! We all have our journey to a better, happier, healthier version of ourselves.

With clean eating and exercising:

JT lost 81 lbs since 2012

Laura lost 43 lbs since 2014

Stephanie lost 40 lbs since 2013

Tia lost 20 lbs since 2012

Kate lost 12 lbs and over 10 inchs since

August 2015 but she lost a total of 23 lbs

total since she came to W.Fit! as a

client in January 2014.

Ginny was 375 lbs at her heaviest. With the Weight Watchers and exercising, she is now 240 lbs. She has lost 40 lbs since October 2013 when she walked​ into W.Fit! as our first customer.

Sheryl lost 15 lbs since January 2017

Zumba and
in lilburn GA.