Zumba and
in lilburn GA.

"Love love love!!!! Such great classes, wonderful people and a really fun way to lose weight! So much better than a regular gym. It's a lot more personable, and you walk away with friends at the end of the day!

Would recommend to anyone!!!

- Lindsay Y. 2017 -

"Loved it!!!!!Took my little girl and she was so happy to get to do something with me we both have never done.It definitely was a wonderful experience!!!!!! ".

- Jacqueline B.  2017 -

"The instructors are GREAT I went and had a blast I will recommend this to everyone..".

- Candice F.  2015 -

"Really a fun place to be.

I give it 5 smiles".  

- Devon O. 2015 -

"Girl Scout Troop 3106 wants to shout out a big THANK YOU to WF! and JT for coming to share your love of fitness, dance, and feeling good about yourself!! We had a blast! Thank you!".

- Teri M.  2015 -

"Thank you to my Wholly Fit Tribe for always encouraging this curmudgeon in the back corner of real estste. Life is good!"

- Sheryl J.. 2017 -

"Loved it!!!!! Took my little girl and she was so happy to get to do something with me we both have never done. It definitely was a wonderful experience!!!!!!"

- Jacqueline B. 2017 -

"Great instruction, amazing atmosphere and everyone is super nice.".  

- Kristina R.. 2017 -

"Fantastic place. Never feel awkward or out of pace with these guys. Never thought working out could be so much fun. Thanks Ginny for pushing me to go.".

- Terrie R.  2015 -

"Music is my personal therapy on both a physical and mental level. I have found my home at WF!. The instructors are awesome....the support constant and the ladies who "dance" have become a special group of friends to me. Absolutely LOVE THIS PLACE!!!_

- Lynne B. 2016 -

"I like when you and JT double team on Monday workout!!! O MY GOODNESS!!!😁".

- Maya D.  2015 -

"​This training was AWESOME!!!! Being a female in this world, it is SO important to know how to protect yourself! The instructor was awesome and I can't wait to see what he has to teach us in the next class!! It's comforting to know that you don't have to be the strongest person in the world in order to save your own life. I love it! Thank you so much Wholly Fit! for putting this together-I say it every time, and I truly mean it...you guys are changing lives with everything you do! LOVE!"

- Lindsay Y. 2017 - Self Defence Seminar - 

"I cannot thank you ladies enough!!! My Cholesterol in November was 223 even with eating well. By working out more diligently (now that my ankle is better) my new & improved Cholesterol level is 197!!!! 26 POINT DROP FROM EXERCISE ADDED! Thank you!".  

- Chris G. 2016 -

"Great place that provides a fun workout in a no judgement zone.".  

- Rhonda R.. 2017 -

"I went shopping for new jeans yesterday and I bought a size 14!!!! I'm so shocked and went to family gathering!! My mom was like GIRL YOU REALLY SLIMMING DOWN!!! Uncle said MAYA YOU LOOKING REALLY GOOD!!! I look at pic and can't believe how big I was😱 this have been a great journey with WF group!!! Thanks again and again!!!😘😘😘πŸ˜ͺ(18) no more!!".  

- Maya D. 2016 -

"I love this place!!! You exercise, dance and socialize with extremely nice people. The instructors are wonderful: so positive and full of energy!"

- Nadia S. 2014 -

"I love this place. The instructors are wonderful, the classes are fun, and the clean eating challenges have changed my habits, appearance and overall health for the better. I strongly recommend all the classes! Your body will thank you for it. ".

- Kathleen C..  2016 -

"Z Circuit kicked my butt this morning! Thank you for a great workout, Kate Azerolo Hobbs!!".

- Amanda D.  2016 -

"I love this studio!! Everyone makes you feel so welcome and the instructors are awesome!.".  

- Gina L. 2016 -

"Ah-mazing Zumba Gold w Toning class this AM - Stephanie Jerome Wood kicked our butts (and arms and quads and abs, etc)!!!
My favorite class of the week!
heart emoticon you Frenchy!!! . 

- Robin L. 2015 -

"Having ZUMBA withdrawal symptoms!!! Pumped for class tomorrow!!!".

- Robin L.  2014 -

"I just want to say how cool you ladies are for all the classes and training you are hosting for both the Zumba world and the community. You should be really proud of yourselves and your studio! Stephanie Jerome Wood and Jennifer Kutschenreuter Thomas (and all your wonderful instructors!!!)!!!!!!".  

- Mary D. 2015 -

"This is an awesome place for women to come & workout! No matter your fitness level or your fitness goals. W.Fit offers fun, support, fitness, and friendship! The classes are the best!!! I'm so glad I found this little gem!".  

- Tia. J. 2016 -


All comments were posted on our Facebook Page and were copy/pasted without any changes. They can be found on the "Visitors Post" page.

"...today at docs office my blood pressure read.......95/63! I told the nurse that was low for me and she asked if I have been exercising and I said yes. She said "That's it!" Thank you Kate Azerolo Hobbs,Stephanie Jerome Wood, Jennifer Kutschenreuter Thomas and Laura Corson Magner for making getting healthy so much fun!!! πŸ€—".  

- Chris G. 2016 -

"I had a great first class! The place is beautiful and the instructors are great and kind!​".

- Christina Z.  2015 -